college drop out

el oh el. college was not for me.
i have always been one who wanted to be creative, i never lasted at a clock in - clock out job because it was repetitive. i love change. i love to go into my creative juices and soar. when photography tapped me on the shoulder, and told me to give it a try, i've never looked back. 


there is something about traveling that brings me so much peace. when i'm near enormous mountains, under the most grand of canyons, or surrounded by the great lakes, it reminds me how small i am. its beauty humbles me. the fact that these creations exist on the same earth that i walk on, blows my mind. they bring me to such a still quiet place in my head where i can soak in my thankfulness.


i am married to my polar opposite. he is a simple, southern, humble man. he makes me laugh more than my cheeks can handle. together we have moved 3 times, and have bought 3 pups on our journey. this job can be very overwhelming, exhausting and stressful, and he is the one i can count on to be my safe place and a quiet haven to relax my mind.

keep it real.

Get around—

hey there!





we're going to create magic together! raw emotion, wild captures, rad heart to hearts + incredible adventures.